While we are proud of our curriculum, our reputation and our relationships around the world, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than those who have graced our ranks. Our alumni have not only seen the world, they are changing it.

Letters of Participation: Access and print a letter describing your accomplishments during the program.

  • Samantha Caragher, International Relations and Diplomacy Alumna
    International Relations & Diplomacy

    Since I returned from my ISLP trip to Australia, I am more aware of how to network properly, be more diplomatic in my actions, and share what I have learned. I learned more about what I want to do in the future and that helped me to go from Undecided to Organizational Leadership Skills for a major.
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  • Dionne L.
    International Relations & Diplomacy

    Not only has the ISLP experience improved my commitment to civic engagement on many levels, but it has also inspired a concentration on the experience through a Directed Individual Study in which I will be working with a Criminal Justice professor at my university. It should encompass a comparative perspective on Justice as it pertains to diplomacy and the criminal justice system.
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  • Christie
    International Relations & Diplomacy

    Upon returning from South Africa, my interest in International Relations and Human Rights has increased. The ISLP experience created a passion in me that I didn’t know I had; a passion to share my experience and to fight for a better life for those in the townships.
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  • Jennifer
    Nursing & Health Care

    Since attending ISLP, I am definitely interested in humanitarian trips pre and post finishing my nursing degree. After visiting South African medical facilities, I have a better appreciation for the medical services that are available here in the States.
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  • Satya Sundar
    Engineering & Technology

    During ISLP, I learnt several new aspects of leadership, time management, presentation skills and most importantly networking. I am of the view that the ISLP programme has raised my networking skills to a higher level. So, as I start my sophomore year, I hope to hone these skills and take advantage of the new aspects of leadership that I acquired during the programme and apply them in new situations. All these skills are inter-connected and I believe that they will help me achieve my career goals. My course of study has remained unchanged, but the ISLP experience has affirmed for sure that I am on the right path. I feel more sure of myself and more confident of realising my goals in life.
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  • Kalista
    International Relations & Diplomacy

    With my major being Government/International Relations, I have put my experiences to use in the classroom as examples for what I have been learning, especially in my international law class, my international relations class and my Chinese classes. The trips themselves are a wonderful experience and very educational.
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