Jose Moreira, Engineering Faculty Advisor, says:

"The most rewarding memory from the trips is having scholars come to me at the end and tell me that the past two weeks have been the most amazing experience of their lives.”

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Play a Role in the Funding of your ISLP Experience

At the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP), we believe that effort on your part to take on some of the responsibility of funding of your trip will only enhance the learning value of your experience. As a result, we welcome the opportunity to help you create and implement a plan to fund part or all of your tuition through fundraising.

To get you started and share previously vetted successful strategies, we have prepared a Fundraising Guide. This guide has served as a stepping off point for many who set out to raise the necessary funds within their community. We therefore recommend you read through this and then if you have any other questions or need further support contact our Office of Admissions for more information regarding fundraising.

To get going, click here to download a print-friendly copy of the Fundraising Guide.

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