Delegation on Nursing & Health Care

Australia | South Africa

Gain a cross-cultural perspective on the delivery of health care, and experience-based international insight that will distinguish you from your peers and benefit you throughout your nursing career.

As an ISLP delegate you will get a chance to experience the nursing and health care fields from a perspective few students ever see. Whether you choose to visit Australia or South Africa, you will visit the sites and cities where today’s nurses and health care professionals are developing, improving, and testing the ideas and approaches that will impact the future of these dynamic fields.

  • Visit centers of health in Sydney and Brisbane and hear from speakers in the field who will give you insight on the factors that make Australia a fascinating case study on the issues and opportunities facing today’s health care providers. Learn More

  • Get a comprehensive examination of South Africa’s health care system, the future of nursing in South Africa, and the challenges of administering care to the diverse people of this emerging nation as you visit nursing schools, hospitals, and a traditional Zulu village. Learn More