Delegation on Medicine & Science

Australia | China

With special access to the hospitals and clinics, doctors and specialists whose ideas and approaches will impact how you someday practice medicine, this incredible experience will provide you with an international perspective that will benefit you throughout your medical career.

As an ISLP delegate you will get a chance to experience the medical and science fields from a perspective few students ever see. Whether you choose to visit Australia or China, you will visit the sites and cities where today’s doctors and researchers are developing, improving, and testing the ideas and approaches that will impact the future of medicine.

  • Visits to a cutting edge medical center and a study of Aboriginal bush medicine in Melbourne and Sydney will give you a one-of-a-kind perspective on the approaches that are defining medicine in Australia as it continues to implement its universal approach to health care for its citizens. Learn More

  • Visit Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai to get a firsthand look at the medical experiences in urban hospitals and rural clinics and see how they come together in the unique fusion of ancient and modern thinking that is shaping Chinese health care today. Learn More