Delegation on Business & Entrepreneurship

Australia | China

The International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) Delegation on Business & Entrepreneurship is an extraordinary pre-professional program offering you a unique opportunity to advance your interest in and preparation for a career in a variety of business and entrepreneurship fields.

As a member of the Delegation on Business & Entrepreneurship, you will get a chance to experience international business, finance, and marketing from a perspective few students ever see. Whether you choose to visit Australia or China, you will return home from this transformational trip with real-world understanding that has broadened your business horizons, motivated and inspired you, and helped you define your personal career goals. You’ll also get a chance to explore the many cultural wonders these amazing destinations have to offer.

  • Get a first-hand look at the emerging success story of the Asia Pacific region as you visit Melbourne and Sydney. You’ll gain a unique business perspective, attend entrepreneurship panels, visit one of the country’s most successful companies, network with local business school students, and see how marketing, engagement, entrepreneurship, and management works in this vibrant culture. Learn More

  • Step back in time and into the future on an extraordinary business trip to China. You and your fellow delegates will get a unique opportunity to understand the forces at play in shaping China as an economic powerhouse. During visits to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, you’ll learn about the art of cross-cultural communication and see how ancient Chinese philosophy and culture still plays a part in modern business today. You will also get a firsthand look at investment potential in China, and see what it takes to establish a market presence as a multinational company. Learn More