International Delegations that Deliver a Lifetime of Advantage

The International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) provides a select group of outstanding college and university students with a global perspective into career fields through delegations on Business & Entrepreneurship, International Relations & Diplomacy, Engineering & Technology, Medicine & Science and Nursing & Health Care.

ISLP delegations will travel to China, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Through exceptional access to leading professionals, specially arranged site visits, cultural immersion and dialogue, and direct interaction with students and educators in each host country, ISLP scholars gain a new understanding of how their field is practiced in another part of the world.

Even more importantly, each scholar laureate will return not only with global travel experience, but also in possession of that invaluable international perspective so crucial to those aiming for the top of their profession in an increasingly competitive world.

  • Get a first-hand look at the emerging success story of the Asia Pacific region as you visit Melbourne and Sydney. You’ll gain a unique business perspective, attend entrepreneurship panels, visit one of the country’s most successful companies, network with local business school students, and see how marketing, engagement, entrepreneurship, and management works in this vibrant culture. Learn More

  • The Delegation on Business & Entrepreneurship in China will provide you with access to the people, places, and perspectives central to understanding the forces at play in this emerging economic powerhouse. Learn More

  • Visit Beijing, Yichang (Sandouping), and Shanghai to see how thousands of years of tradition and innovation come into play at the core of the engineering powerhouse that is today’s China. Learn More

  • A visit to Christchurch and Auckland in the geologically diverse country of New Zealand will allow you the opportunity to evaluate how the engineering and technological marvels in this island nation are propelling the future. Learn More

  • Visit Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai to learn about cross-cultural communication on a global scale, hear about the expatriate experience, and see how today’s students are learning to collaborate with other cultures to cement China’s place in global politics. Learn More

  • With visits to universities and seats of international policy in Johannesburg and Durban, this delegation provides students with an exciting and wide-ranging study of South Africa’s tumultuous past, its current political climate, and the cultural issues facing this emerging nation. Learn More

  • Visits to a cutting edge medical center and a study of Aboriginal bush medicine in Melbourne and Sydney will give you a one-of-a-kind perspective on the approaches that are defining medicine in Australia as it continues to implement its universal approach to health care for its citizens. Learn More

  • Visit Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai to get a firsthand look at the medical experiences in urban hospitals and rural clinics, and see how they come together in the unique fusion of ancient tradition and modern thinking that is shaping Chinese health care today. Learn More

  • Visit modern and non-traditional centers of health in Sydney and Brisbane, and hear from speakers in the field who will give you insight on the factors that make Australia a fascinating case study of the issues and opportunities facing today’s health care providers. Learn More

  • Get a comprehensive examination of South Africa’s health care system, the future of nursing in South Africa, and the challenges of administering care to the diverse people of this emerging nation as you visit nursing schools, hospitals, and a traditional Zulu village. Learn More