Safety & Supervision

Do I need any immunizations?
We suggest that you consult the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization for the most current recommendations regarding international travel. We also recommend that you check with your physician or local health care facility to inquire about any health concerns or immunization options.

Should I be concerned about safety in a foreign country?
Your safety is our first priority. As a result, ISLP delegations are highly structured and thoroughly evaluated for quality and safety. We will not bring you into areas where we think your safety might be in question. If conditions exist or arise that make it impossible for us to offer a safe program, we will alter the itinerary and re-route the program to safer regions. ISLP adheres to international travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department and the in-country U.S. Embassy. All U.S. scholars are registered with the U.S. Embassy in the destination country prior to their departure.

Will there be an on-site nurse?
No. You should plan to bring any medication along that you think you might need (i.e. cold medication, anti-diarrhea, fever, etc.). Of course, in the rare occurrence that you may need medical attention, we will assist you in getting to a doctor or hospital.

Will I be expected to follow rules such as curfews on the Program?
Since this is an academic program, there is an established Code of Conduct. This exists to ensure the highest level of safety, education, and enjoyment for all scholars. Further, we ask that scholars take into consideration the intense academic nature of the program, and we expect them to be well-rested and focused during the daily program. Remember that you are serving as an ambassador when you visit another country, so it is imperative that all scholars keep in mind the importance of their conduct when traveling. Our hosts and speakers are expecting prepared, motivated, well-informed, high-caliber scholars. Please refer to the Information, Release and Agreement on the back of the Enrollment Application.